SCA6 Research

General information on research

Dr. Gomez is a clinical neurologist and researcher with a laboratory dedicated to SCA6 research. We feel encouraged by the amazing progress by the Gomez laboratory to understand the cause of SCA6 and to develop a therapy to stop the progression of symptoms. The immediate vision of the SCA6 Network is to provide help to translate his research into a clinical trial to stop the progression of SCA6 symptoms.

We are hopeful that an RNA-based strategy might provide hope for an effective clinical trial in the future to prevent progression of SCA6 symptoms.

The research strategy being pursued by Dr. Gomez's lab to inhibit formation of the a1ACT protein, the protein that causes SCA6, is described here: SCA6 Therapeutic Strategy. This was generously created by a member (PhD Molecular Scientist) of our SCA6 Network, along with a technical glossary.